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A Course for Visual Artists, Literary Artists, Musical Artists, Dramatic Artists, and Dance Artists and Arts Educators

What you’ll learn

  • The student learns to create more expressive artistry
  • The educator learns a structure process for teaching creative and expressive artistry
  • The art lover explores explores expressive artistry from an artistic perspective
  • A love for learning about artistry or a love for engaging in artistic activities or a love for teaching art

This course introduces students and educators to the factors that make Expressive Form. The course instructor provides definitions of course words and terms to support an indepth discussion of the topic. Also, each lecture of the course is support with artistic graphic illustration and live-action examples from various artistic disciplines, including visual arts, literary arts, musical arts, dramatic arts, and dance arts. Additionally, a 5-part project activity enables students to practice and new or developing skills as they create their own expressive composition and performances.

Who this course is for:
  • Any artist who wants a deeper understanding of expressive artistry
  • Any educator who wants a format for teaching expressive artistry
  • Any art lover who wants a deeper understanding of the creative process

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Digital Photography 00:12:00
Camera Controls FREE 00:45:00
Common sizes of Photographic Plates 01:00:00
Section 2: Light Photography
Exposure and Rendering 00:30:00
First Camera Photography 00:22:00
Section 3: Conclusion
Future of Photography 00:20:00
Final Quiz for the course 00:10:00

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